Why Give Now

The World Travel & Tourism Council's 2014 economic and employment projections on tourism and travel for 184 countries and more than two dozen geographic or economic regions determined that "…Travel & Tourism's contribution to world GDP grew for the fifth consecutive year …rising to a total of 9.8% of world GDP (U.S. $7.6 trillion)."

Specific to the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the leisure and hospitality industry will increase employment by 9.3 percent, or nearly 1.3 million jobs , over the next ten years.

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The Foundation is the frontline organization meeting this anticipated growth.

The hotel and lodging industry remains one of few where individuals at any stage of their career have the opportunity to work toward higher levels of management and influence. As such, more individuals are seeking professional training in hospitality and the Foundation is aware of the associated costs. By supporting individuals preparing to enter the industry and equipping those already successfully working in the industry, the Foundation is meeting the market need for qualified employees.

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