How Can Schools Get Involved?

What scholarships does AHLEF offer?

This year, AHLEF will disburse $1.3 million through its nine hospitality management scholarship programs for students ranging from freshmen to graduate students. Some scholarships are reserved for current hotel employees or minorities. Others are open to full- or part-time students. Award amounts range from $500 to $7,500.

We offer two types of scholarships:

  • Self-nominated - open to all hospitality management students enrolled in a U.S. college or university
  • School-nominated – requires school affiliation with AHLEF

All hospitality students, regardless of where they attend school, have access to more than $600,000 in scholarships offered through AHLEF's self-nominated scholarships:

What is an affiliate school?

Affiliate schools are U.S. colleges or universities with hospitality-related programs that agree to participate in AHLEF's Annual Scholarship Grant Program. AHLEF is limited in the number of schools that it can add to the program based on available funding. Each year, affiliate schools are usually allocated $4,000-$7,500 that they can award to their students who meet a set of minimum eligibility criteria.

Affiliate schools:

  • agree to co-administer our scholarships with us AHLEF.
  • are allocated annual scholarship grants annually.
  • select scholarship recipients based on eligibility criteria set by AHLEF Scholarship Committee (see Student Minimum Eligibility Criteria below).
  • decide award amounts for each nominated student based on parameters set by the AHLEF Scholarship Committee (see Award Amount Guidelines below).
  • receive and disburse all AHLEF scholarship checks to both school-nominated and self-nominated recipients.
  • serve as an AHLEF point of contact on campus for all school-nominated and self-nominated scholarships.
  • agree to promote all AHLEF school-nominated and self-nominated scholarships.
  • assist in collecting transcript documentation (official or unofficial) from each AHLEF scholarship recipient at the end of the spring semester or quarter.
  • must re-apply every three to five years for consideration to remain in the Annual Scholarship Grant Program (see school application details below).

A school does NOT need to be affiliated for its students to be eligible to submit scholarship applications for AHLEF’s six open scholarship competitions.

Affiliation with and participation in the Annual Scholarship Grant Program requires a school to co-administer the scholarships with AHLEF. Responsibilities are detailed in the AHLEF Scholarship Manual. 2018 Scholarship Manual

School Application

Approximately every three to five years, AHLEF’s Scholarship Committee reviews all schools participating in the Annual Scholarship Grant Program and accepts applications from new schools wishing to join.  

The committee has designated 2018 as a review year. The deadline date to submit a school application was April 15th. The online portal is now closed and applications are no longer being accepted. Schools will be notified in October regarding their affiliation status for 2019.  The committee will be reviewing the following information: 

  • Degrees offered
  • Number of students enrolled and graduating from the program
  • Program faculty
  • Student placement in the industry
  • Hotels recruiting on campus
  • Program accreditation
  • Participation in AHLEF’s scholarships

The 2018 online scholarship application is now closed. Winners will be announced in July.  2019 scholarship materials will be available in November. The deadline date for 2019 scholarships will be February 15, 2019. 2019 Scholarship Materials are coming soon. The following are provided for informational purposes only.

Our school didn’t submit a school application – What can we do?

Promote AHLEF’s open scholarships to your hospitality management students and encourage their application. AHLEF is tracking the number of applicants received from each school. Make sure that your school shows a strong commitment to AHLEF’s scholarships with a solid number of applications each year so that it will stand out during next school review in three to five years.